Divorce Mediation and Federal Employee Representation at its Best.

Service to our clients that cannot be matched!


Capaldo Colangelo strives itself to provide our clients with outstanding service that cannot be matched. Our experience in family mediation and federal employment matters is demonstrated through the positive results for our clients.


Mediation clients leave feeling that we have guided them to an agreeable resolution to their divorce that would otherwise have ended in contention and a broken savings account.


Federal employees that have used our consultants and non-attorney representation leave us feeling that they resolved their employment issues with their agency positively and without paying thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

A Special Level of Care


When choosing Capaldo Colangelo you will join an elite group of individuals who decided to take control over their future by using one of our highly trained and experienced family law mediators or federal employment law specialists to resolve their current situation without expensive litigation and the inevitable stress and damage to their personal lives that follows.



Mediation that allows both parties to take charge of their future by resolving a divorce without expensive litigation.




Consulting and Non-Attorney Representation for Federal Employees facing Adverse Actions or Discrimination (MSPB and EEO)




Consulting and Non-Attorney Representation for Federal Unions dealing with Contract Issues or Unfair Labor Practices.


When my wife (ex now) suggested mediation instead of using attorneys I was skeptical. After dealing with Capaldo Colangelo I would highly suggest the mediation process. No fighting it out in court. No spending thousands of dollars. Smooth and professional, the way a divorce should be.



DAVID P., Jackson, NJ



Specializing in Family Law Mediation and Federal Employment Law Consulting and Non-Attorney Representation.


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For the convenience of our clients, we offer our services at offices at the following New Jersey locations:

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(Also serves Philadelphia Area)

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