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My representative was retained to assist me in settling a federal employment related and action and I found them to be an honest professional who always returned calls and answered questions promptly and did their best to deal with uncooperative individuals and brought a positive outcome at the time and circumstances.

Client from Department of the Air Force

My representative did not only represent me, I tell friends and family he was my daughter's and my guardian angel.  I can not recommend a better individual to represent you if you find yourself in a position that I was in during 2018 as a federal worker for the Air Force.  In 2017, I became a whistleblower and in 2018 after retaliation by Air Force officials I was wrongfully terminated from my position as a federal law enforcement officer while out on on an on the job injury.

My representative took the case and within a short period of time the Air Force settled with me and the individuals were held accountable for their actions.  You may hear how impossible it is to go up aainst the federal government and win your case.  My representative can represent you better than all the others.  The personal attention I received felt like he was only handling my case and no one elses.  The process was smooth and stress free to me because it didn't take long to realize he was fully committed to my case.  It is because of my representative that I am no longer a terminated employee and I am now a retired law enforcement officer.  Without his help, I could not have provided for my family.  He still checks on me to see how my daughter and I are doing.  We are forever in his debut!  Please be assured that you will find no better person to reprsent you in your time of need. 

Client from the Department of the Air Force

My Director did not select me for a promotion based on my race.  I was most qualified and was still not selected.  I contacted my union and several attorneys recommended by the union.  All of them said non-selection cases were nearly impossible to win in front of an EEOC judge.   I then contacted Capaldo Colangelo and spoke to one of their experts who agreed to take my case.  During our initial conversation he took over an hour to discuss every detail to make sure I understood the process moving forward.

Through out the entire case my Agency refused to even consider a settlement.  After a hearing we won and the judge determined that I was discrimianted against.   When the case was over I received the promotion, back pay and damages for emotional stress.  All because I was able to find someone who believed in me and my case.  I highly recommend the representatives from Capaldo Colangelo.  Thank you again!

Client from the Department of Homeland Security


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